Friday, January 25, 2013

If I knew at 18....

In life I think it is such a good idea to look back on our lives and evaluate what we have learned and what does and doesn't work.  One thing dawned on me today. If someone had told me at 18 I would face four miscarriages, a divorce, remarriage, finishing school as a single mom, facing various health issues, raising a child with a rare disorder, raising a child by myslef, finding the love of my life in my thirties, moving many times, my parents divorcing, along with other things I would rather keep to myself; would I feel like I coudl have faced it at 18 without crashing???  Probably not.  I thought at that age being stood up on a blind date was major.  I wish I could have talked to myself and 18 and said "don't sweat the small stuff". 

I look at my children and they just amaze me.  I was thinking today while watching 20/20 on Lifetime about abusive parents, what if my Grace had been granted to those parents?  They were horrible to two healthy, beautiful children.  What would they have done to my Grace???  I could focus on what Grace can't do, but I refuse to define her by dwarfism.  She is a smart, amazing girl that is going to touch a lot of lives.

Then I think of my son, my strong, gentle giant.  Loves with everything he has and never asks for anything.  I would love to give him the world if I could, but I think earning it is better.  I'm so very proud of the man he is becoming.  A Christian, a good friend, a great son, and just an awesome example of what a son should be.  He just impresses me how he cares about everyone and doesn't even notice people's flaws.  Pure big heart.

Hopefully my kids will know better at 18 that life is full of up and downs but they can make with God's guidance.

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